The Ultimate Guide to Queenstown

Queenstown is a beautiful place in New Zealand and it’s a great place to visit during the holidays.

Visiting Queenstown

Queenstown lies on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, offering lots of things for visitors. Set against the Southern Alps, the place has breathtaking natural beauty. The combination of lake and snow-capped mountains is just awesome. You will have a great time here if you decide to visit Queenstown during your holiday.

Queenstown has different types of accommodation, ranging from lodges to luxury hotels. Whatever your budget is, you will find something suitable. But you need to book in advance as the place can be very crowded during holiday seasons. Before choosing accommodation, you should decide on the location, budget, and facilities you are looking for.

There are wonderful places to dine and you will fall in love with the local food. You will find lots of restaurants, cafes, and bars here. Wide varieties of food are served in these restaurants and you will be amazed by the hospitality of the restaurant staff. We publish some insightful reviews and ratings so that you can decide where to go.

Queenstown is a heaven for adventure seekers. There are lots of exciting outdoor activities to do here. From jet-boating and skiing to bungee jumping; you will find everything here. If you are new to these activities, then trainers are available to train and guide you. Trust Brunswick to by your guide to Queenstown which will help you to plan your holiday here.

Great accommodation

There are different types of accommodation in Queenstown from lodges and guest houses to luxury accommodation. You will know about the facilities and rates of these places.

Good dining places

You must taste the local food when you are in Queenstown. There are lots of restaurants and bars where they serve both local and international food.

Exciting outdoor activities

You will enjoy lots of exciting outdoor activities in Queenstown. You can try boating, skiing, bungee jumping, hiking, cycling, and other adventurous activities.

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